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31-Jul-2017 13:01

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*use 14 ^this also does something weird that I don't know how to explain *use 17 ^Also don't know how to explain this one. set 1 """Ma De By CHANTAL ERIKA""" 300-tommy shirt pluto 299-tommy shirt mars 298-tommy shirt earth 297-Abby shirt snow 296- abby shirt night 295-Abby shirt morbo 294-abby shirt Jam 293-abby shirt goochee 292-pericolo pants Oi!*use 21 ^don't know how to explain *use 22 ^makes you wave. 291-pericolo pants kitty 290-pericolo pants harley 289-Pericolo pants chase 288-trip long cargoes 287-'Nilla long cargoes 286-Drab long cargoes 285-Buhrown long cargoes 284-274-cant be worn with my avatar 273-100°(male) 272-090°(male) 271-080°(male) 270-070°(male) 269-060°(male) 268-050°(male) 267-040°(male) 266-030°(male) 265-020°(male) 264-010°(male) 263-000°(male) 262-100° 261-090° 260-080° 259-070° 258-060° 257-050° 256-040° 255-030° 254-020° 253-010° 252-000° 251-239-cant be worn with my avatar 238-Daisy oxford peppermint 237-Daisy oxford NPG 236-Daisy oxford grass 235-Daisy oxford Chocolate (causes avatar distortion) 234-Hip huggiz raysa 233-Hip huggiz flash 232-Hip huggiz denim 231-Runniz troy 230-Runniz minoa 229-Runniz babel 228-Runniz atlantis 227-Daisy oxford spring 226-223-cant be worn with my avatar 222-Kickaz boots zap (male) 221-Kickaz boots pavement(male) 220-Kickaz boots grate(male) 219-cant be worn with my avatar 218-Kickaz boots curb(male) 217-Baggy hoody sunset(male) 216-Baggy hoody special man(male) 215-Baggy hoodie midnight(male) 214-Baggy hoodie good monin'(male) 213-long shorts zap(male) 212-long shorts khaki(male) 211-long shorts denim(male) 210-long shorts camo(male) 209-207-cant be worn with my avatar 206-didnt show up 205-cant be worn with my avatar 204-203-didnt show up 202-200-cant be worn with my avatar 199-194-didnt show up(my IMVU started crashing in these numbers) 193-192-cant be worn with my avatar 191-Turned my female into a male(lol) 190-Homey pants village(male) 189-Homey pants tribeca(male) 188-Homey pants chelsea(male) 187-didnt show up 186-Baggy T orange matto(male) 185-Baggy T green IMTV(male) 184-Kicks webster hall(male) 183-Kicks tunnel(male) 182-Kicks paladium(male) 181-Kick limelight(male) 180-Rider gloves gamer(male) 179-Rider gloves drivin'(male) 178-Rider gloves black(male) 177-Schick kitaz terra 176-Schick kitaz supahstah 175-Schick kitaz magma 174-Schick kitaz cobra 173-Cargo shorties santorini 172-Cargo shorties mykonos 171-Cargo shorties drab 170-Cargo shorties crete 169-Cargo shorties camo frog 168-Cargo shorties blue plaid 167-Baby T IMVU 166-Baby T sky splash 165-didnt show up 164-Baby T pink pooch 163-Baby T black estupido 162-Marla Brunette 161-Marla blond 160-Marla amber 159-Marla black 158-Liz eyes 157-Light gree eyes 156-green hazel eyes 155-Day after eyes 154-Dark umber eyes 153-Sunny eyes 152-Sienna eyes 151-Amber eyes 150-Bright blue eyes 149-Blue eyes 148-X bloody eyes 147-brown eyebrows(male) 146-blond eyebrows(male) 145-light brown eyebrows(male) 144-light brown eyebrows(male) 143-140-cant be worn with my avatar 139-134-cant be worn with my avatar 133-blond eyebrows 132-Black eyebrows 131-Amber eyebrows 130-Brunette eyebrows 129-background circle snow mt.So I Have Made It My Mission To Break IMVU At It's Own Game...... I Will LOL Ok So I Looked And Looked For A Way To Hack IMVU In It's Core Programing But To No Luck I Have Failed You All But As Superman Is To Kryptonite I Will Break The Codes One Day Till Then Just Fellow My Easy Steps.. (If your already a boy then it won't work.) *use 80.

The Reason You Become A Developer Is So You Can Sell Or Buy Your Own Items To Yourself Details On Step 2 ..

128-didnt show up 127-Blue/yellow square room 126-cant be worn with my avatar 125-doesnt show up 124-Doesnt show up 123-117-cant be worn with my avatar 116-111-didnt show up 110-91-didnt show 90-turns you into a big smiley with arms, legs, red boots, and orange gloves.