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20-Aug-2017 20:21

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Then I went over to another table and the people there running the library asked me what happened and I told them. But this one takes the cake One time I was told that hardees in richmond virginia a guy was caught jacking off in the milkshakes that is why I wont drink a milk shake at hardees. :| anways 'nuff said.I like that someone actually asked this question.

I am not sure but I would suggest everyone give it a try. I went for a cycle ride in the woods, which had a track where people would walk and cycle.

Last night I witnessed something that blew me away.

No, one of the guys at the Bootcamp did not propose to a woman. It was nothing like the days of the plastic glasses. I have to say that 3D effects have come a LONG way since the days of the plastic dinosaur and the plastic glasses. In today’s blog I want to raise something about which I was thinking the other day that I thought was really interesting: Where do most people masturbate? Do people masturbate at the office (a topic on which I have done a blog by the way)? Have you ever been cheered on by thousands of people as you stroked or played with your clit?

Interesting question David..I have a feeling there will be some places I will not want to go anymore after I read everyone's answers ;) For me...

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I have never done the "Madison Square Garden" approach to masturbation -- It is best for me either alone or just in front of my significant other.

While commuting to/from work, I listen to audiotape romance novels by authors like Eric Jerome Dickey, Sandra Brown, E. Nothing hard core..enough to get my mind in the zone. But, if you notice, the ones I listed have something in common. The fear of getting caught is overwhelmingly great. For the past two years I keep goin in the woods which is not that dense and some people use it a path to get to the other part of this plane wooded area...

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