Dating a muscle woman

24-Oct-2017 20:01

Having been an athlete and involved in fitness my whole life, I would have to that there predominantly two attitudes of those who put work into their body:1) Those that do it purely for the love of the game.2) And those that do it not because they feel they have to.

The second group-while I very much give them credit for doing it, especially if they don't particularly in joy the effort -often come off bitter about the amount of work it takes to stay fit, and take on an air of superiority when it comes to people are not in shape.

He asked a question and if he only wanted to get sugar coated responses he shouldn't have asked it.

I work out because i enjoy it and i like to keep in shape, but yes it does take a lot of work and effort (but i'm hardly bitter about it) and i make no apologies for not being interested in a man who doesn't look after himself at least to a certain degree.

This means he has be somewhat fit, and enjoy doing outside things.

If you look at my profile you will see a picture of my partner and he is not a "muscular" man, but he is fit and active.

OP i looked at your profile and to put it bluntly i would almost certainly pass on it.

You put your interests as doing very sedentary things, and you look like you are not into any kind of exercise/fitness program.

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It took a while to get used to the fact that she had more muscle than I did. The OP seems to admire women who put a lot of effort into their bodies, why is it wrong for those women to expect a bit of effort from the men they are attracted to?

It's a little weird to be making love to a woman who has awesome muscle defination and not a ounce of fat on her. I dont expect or want a muscle man, but i certainly wouldn't want a couch potato who doesn't give a damn about what kind of shape his body is in, and i think most women who are into working out would have similar mindsets.

On her back with her legs pinned to the bed or on her knees from behind, it was awesome to see the female body so well defined. old and you can still bounce a quarter off her azz....... Hello people, Barbie dumped Ken a long time ago, and got everything, the Malibu dream house, the pink Corvette (although I think he was okay with that, no self respecting male would ever be caught in a pink corvette), the camper, everything.

When you work hard at something you probably want someone who can sympathize and discuss strategies and what not with.

Also, they obviously value fitness and healthy eating and what not and probably want someone with a similar lifestyle.Ok, well i didn't intend to come off as superior or indeed belittling him, but my thinking still stands.