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The Guild of St Luke, to which painters in all media had to belong, admitted ten master potters in the thirty years between 16, and twenty in the nine years 1651 to 1660.

In 1654 a gunpowder explosion in Delft destroyed many breweries and as the brewing industry was in decline, they became available to pottery makers looking for larger premises; some retained the old brewery names, e.g.

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Of the dozens of original 17th century Dutch pottery makers, only De Porceleyne Fles remains in operation.A certificate of authenticity is included with all orders. Please contact us at (800) 968-8077 or [email protected] place a special order.All pieces are stocked in our store in Holland, Michigan, so there will be no extra charges for International Freight, U. USPS Priority Mail & UPS Ground Service to the United States Up to .00 ~ .00 .01 to .00 ~ .00 .01 to .00 ~ .00 .01 to .00 ~ .00 .01 to 0.00 ~ .00 0.01 to 0.00 ~ .00 0.01 to 0.00 ~ .00 Over 0.00 will be quoted before shipping.Delftware ranged from simple household items – plain white earthenware with little or no decoration – to fancy artwork.

Most of the Delft factories made sets of jars, the kast-stel set."Potters now saw an opportunity to produce a cheap alternative for Chinese porcelain.