Dating guy flirts other girls

26-Sep-2017 14:04

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Be as precise and specific as possible, so that your significant other knows what the real issue is for you.

If it’s about whether or not you feel respected and cared for when you two are out together, then talk about that.

Decide you Want to Talk About It It’s also important that you determine the best time for this particular discussion.

For example, you might not want to initiate the dialogue immediately after a party during which the issue came up.

In that case, it may be that you need to talk about certain priorities and fundamentals that are important to you when it comes to how you two interact with each other and the people in your lives.

If that doesn’t spark a conversation, then just tell him you don’t feel comfortable with him flirting with other girls. Like I said before, he might not even realize it’s bothering you.So what has to be determined is where that line is in your relationship, and how you and your significant other deal with relationships with other people.Here are some suggestions to help you work through the issues together.Dear Heather, I’m dating this guy who really likes me and I really like him. It can be really hard to reach a balance between what’s okay and what’s totally inappropriate, especially when you’re in a relationship.

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He says things that give me butterflies and he goes to my school. He called my friend hot and amazing, and it makes me worry if he is going to cheat on me. He flirts with every girl in the world and that makes me really jealous! Most of the time, I would say that a little flirting is harmless and natural, and not something that you should be too stressed about.But it does mean that you need to keep in mind that some of what you’re seeing may just be who your partner is—and that a lot of that may be exactly what attracted you from the beginning.