Msnbc gadget not updating

30-Nov-2017 16:27

MSN had an exclusive partnership with for news content from 1996 until 2012, when Microsoft sold its remaining stake in to NBCUniversal and the website was renamed

Since then, MSN has launched 'MSN News', an in-house news operation.

In 1998, Microsoft renamed and moved this web portal to the domain name, where it has remained.

In addition to its original MSN Dial-up service, Microsoft has used the 'MSN' brand name for a wide variety of products and services over the years, notably Hotmail (later, Messenger (which was once synonymous with 'MSN' in Internet slang and has now been replaced by Skype), and its web search engine, which is now Bing, and several other rebranded and discontinued services.

MSN Search (now Bing), a dedicated search engine, launched in 1999.

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Some examples include MSN ad Center, MSN Shopping (affiliated with e Bay, Price Grabber and, and the Encarta encyclopedia with various levels of access to information.When providers will be updated you will know about it.

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